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Here is a first review by my friend and colleague Dr. Robert Schnurr. Thanks Rob.

Dr. Robert Schnurr

There are many self help books on managing life with chronic pain. Most of these books emphasize the physical nature of pain. Pain research, physiology, medications, and various physical and psychological treatment strategies are discussed but often the material seems beyond the grasp of the average person.

Unbelievable Pain Control is written in a very easy to read style by someone who clearly understands and feels for the plight of his patients. Written in an almost story book style, one follows along through the experiences of various individuals with pain who meet in a treatment facility. Most of what they discuss is common to what other pain patients experience and live with on a daily basis, e.g., hurt, suffering, losses, anger, problems with insurers, workers’ compensation, lawyers, family, and friends.

Sometimes what helps people the most is knowing that someone else has had a similar problem and found a way to manage with it or even overcome it.

I highly recommend this book for its easy reading style and for its very down to earth approach to a life challenging problem.

Robert F. Schnurr, Ph.D.
Psychologist active in treating patients with chronic pain
London, Ontario, Canada News & Reviews

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