Book One


  1. Hope & Possibility

  2. The Chronic Pain Program
    • Suzanne
    • Ashley
    • Sarah
    • Mike

  3. An Amazing Story
    • Preparation
    • Surgery Without Anesthesia?
    • Unbelievable Pain Control

  4. Was It A Dream?
    • A True Confession
    • Pain, Stress, and Even More Pain

  5. Our Fighting Spirits
    • Another Dead End
    • Under Attack From All Sides
    • Stress is a Physical Thing
    • Unexpected Benefits

  6. Emerging From The Fog
    • On the Way to Recovery
    • Finally, Some Pain Relief
    • A New Plan
    • Real Control For A Change

  7. One Year Later
    • A Budding Romance
    • Radical Steps Forward
    • New Lives, New Possibilities


  • What is Chronic Pain?
  • What is Fibromyalgia?

Book Two


Part 1 | Highlights from Ashley’s Journal

  1. What is Chronic Pain?
    • Two Main Types of Physical Pain
    • Escalations of Pain
    • Flare-Ups and Chain Reactions
    • Mountains of Pain to Climb

  2. The Impact of Chronic Pain
    • Chronic Pain is More Than Just Pain
    • Pain Can Trigger Anger & Powerlessness
    • Chronic Pain Can Change Lives
    • You Do Not Want To Go To War With Your Pain

  3. Hidden Keys to Control
    • Why Fighting Can Feel Like The Only Way
    • Pain Control is Not Black or White
    • Avoidance Does Not Bring Control
    • Tracking Down The Triggers
    • Control Over Pain and Life

  4. Hidden Keys to Healing
    • Your Body Is Not Your Enemy
    • Fear of Pain Can Trigger More Pain
    • Panic Flare-Ups
    • You Can’t Get Better, Until You Stop Getting Worse
    • Sources of Worth

  5. Picking Yourself Up
    • First, Stop Falling
    • Uncertainties Can Hold You Back
    • A Verdict is No Cure
    • Searching For A Cure
    • Success Can Lift You Up

  6. Faster Roads to Recovery
    • Priorities and Recovery
    • Moving Forward Instead of Fighting the Past
    • Freedom and Independence
    • Sometimes Change is Necessary
    • Your Comeback Story

  7. Seven Simple Truths about Chronic Pain

Part 2 | The True Story that Inspired Suzanne

  1. A Tribute to Dr. Victor Rausch

  2. What is Hypnosis?


Book Three


Part 1 | People are Helping from Around the World

  1. Sarah’s New Found Hope

  2. A Decade of Pain Research and Control (2000 – 2010)

  3. Untying the Knot: The National Pain Awareness Campaign

  4. Create Your Own Pain Advocacy Program

  5. Power Over Pain: A Grass Roots Movement

  6. Lifting the Burden - A Global Campaign

  7. The Patient Pain Manifesto

  8. Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign

  9. Women In Pain: Recognition. Respect. Relief.

  10. Never Again: A Dream For Grace

  11. The Pain Care Coalition

  12. Partners for Understanding Pain

  13. Pain Care Minutes: A National Radio Programs

  14. Chronic Pain and The Law

  15. My Pain: A Project From The National Pain Foundation

  16. Your Own Pain Information Library

  17. Brainstorm

  18. Pain Relief Is A Human Right

Part 2 | Learning From Doctors In Pain

  1. Dr. Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland

  2. Dr. Mark Pelligrino

  3. Kristen Thorsen and the Fibromyalgia Network

Part 3 | Learning from Scientists

  1. The Largest Investigation Ever

  2. The World’s Top Pain Researchers

Part 4 | Learning From a Great Pain Society

  1. The International Association for the Study of Pain

  2. The History of Pain Project (UCLA)


We Have Come a Long, Long Way

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  • References

  • Index

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